“At first we fought just to save our homes, now we fight so everyone can have a decent place to live.” Said Cruz Medina a leader of Firs Mobil Homes Owners Association.

Only two years ago on 8th of May 2016, the mainly Latino Firs Mobile Park residents come home to see an eviction notice on their doorstep informing the 72 families that their homes would be demolished to build two new hotels.

The news that beautiful spring day changed the lives of 72 families forever.

Life in the Firs Mobile Home Park is characterized by a supportive community life. Many families can go to work or run errands knowing that their children will be taken care of by neighbors. It is the type of community that many communities of color especially immigrants, search for.

As they often did the neighbors talked and this time the issue was the devastation of the loss of their “trailers.” The real loss they said was not the structure, but the loss of their homes and community. They decided to organize themselves and created the Firs Mobile Home Owners Association compose of 52 families. Together they fundraise, strategize and make decisions regarding the community’s future.

The association has taken their fight to elected officials, the media, the courts, and other communities who are fighting gentrification/land grabs.

LELO believes that housing is a human right that every human being has the right to live in the community of their choice or where they work, regardless of their social class, race, nationality, origin or gender. The Firs Mobil Home Owners Association continues to fight for this right with great courage, and we encourage all to support them in their fight to save their communities.