Re-Licensing Support


LELO’s experience with re-licensing goes deep as it started 15 years ago as a community outrage to the increased arrests in low-income communities because of unpaid traffic infractions. Through LELO’s community organizing, both City of Seattle Municipal Court and King County District Court adopted a partnership with community-based organizations to assist communities impacted by driving with a suspended license. The primary goal was to deter drivers from receiving a criminal penalty because of their driving status or because of the profiling of the poor and communities of color.

For more than 15 years LELO has advocated for the case management and advocacy services so low- income drivers can clear their court obligations instead of going to jail. In the last two years, LELO Relicensing Program has served over 631 clients and about 199 individuals have regained the driver’s licenses. For 2015, we have 138 clients enrolled and 37 already regained the driver’s licenses (April 5th, 2015)


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