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Since the age of 19, Nice Coronacion has helped lead in the continued efforts to mobilize youth and women in the labor movement in realizing its vision for a just and peaceful society; a vision where working people are empowered, democratic practices are upheld in the economic, political and cultural spheres of life.  Most important to her union’s work is that gender equality is recognized and equitable distribution of sustainable development is guaranteed through social movement unionism.

Nice Coronacion was part of the Philippine tripartite delegation in the International Labour Conference (ILO) that succeeded in passing C-190, the convention that upholds the right of people to be free of violence and harassment in the world of work, including gender-based violence and harassment. In December 2023, the Philippine Senate approved its concurrence, making it the first in Asia that ratified the intrument. This is a collective victory for her and the women in SENTRO along with other partner organizations.