Political Popular Education


“Critical and liberating dialogue, which presupposes action, must be carried on with the oppressed at whatever the stage of their struggle for liberation.” -Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire

LELO is excited to re-begin our political popular education series. The series offers LELO members political education that broadens our collective political analysis and builds leadership and organizing by encouraging action through educational empowerment.

More info about the curriculum coming soon…


The mission of LELO’s popular education committee is to raise the LELO community’s consciousness about the politics of the situations in our lives and empower ourselves to collectively decide what we want to do to create change.


1. Sharpen our political analysis;
2. Have a shared, collective political analysis;
3. Nurture our LELO community by beginning and continuing the dialogue; and
4. create and build relationships.

Popular Education

➢ Is inclusive and accessible to people with a variety of education levels;
➢ Addresses the issues people face in their communities;
➢ Moves people toward a place of action;
➢ Develops new grassroots leadership;
➢ Is based on the lived experience of those participating in the learning; and
➢ Incorporates non-traditional methods of learning – such as poetry, music or visual arts.


To learn more contact Ricardo at ricardo@lelo.org.